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I create teaching and learning experiences, music and stories, and opportunities for people to be in community.


People often ask me “How do you do so much in your community?” My response: “How do I not?” I have two Black children who deserve a better world that works for them, as do all Black children. So, I try to make that better, more equitable, world a reality.

Decoteau Irby Activist


I’m a songwriter, guitarist, and reluctant singer. I create music that is a timeless blend of deep soul, funk, and psychedelic rock, all within the expansive tradition of Black American music. I taught myself to play guitar. That was and is hard. But I love creating music, so the struggle is beautiful. And so is the music.

Decoteau Irby Musician


I write alot. I’m an author of several books, essays, and academic journal articles. I write to show the ways Black people have always struggled and progressed against tremendous odds, to reach for liberation.

Decoteau Irby Author


I consult districts, schools, organizations, and community groups in the areas of organizational leadership and improvement for racial equity.

Decoteau Irby Consultant


I’m an associate professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago where I teach and advise wonderful educational leaders and work with dope colleagues.

Decoteau Irby Professor

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